Bike Cycles Gives Back in Community Support

Because good bikes need a good community and a good community needs good bikes.


At Bike Cycles, we believe in paying it forward. In addition to our bike repair and bike rental services, we also give back to our community in other ways. We combine our love of bikes with our love of community involvement and donate our time and resources each year to the local issues we care about. We support many organizations and businesses in an effort to bring health, fun, and positivity to Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, and beyond. We’re proud to support the following organizations:

The above are only a partial list of organizations we have assisted throughout the years.

Bike Cycles Gives Back Program

Are you a PTA mom or dad? Scout Leader? Raising funds for charity? We may be able to help.

You may not be aware of this, but locally owned small businesses get asked for donations and sponsorship almost every day. Perhaps it’s because we’re locally owned and easier to approach than larger businesses, because we’re in Wilmington, because of our industry’s relationship to kids, or (we like to think) because we’re such nice folks. But this really puts us in a tough spot. We do, after all, need to pay our rent, keep the lights on, compensate our employees for their work, pay our suppliers, etc. We wish we could afford to help everyone, but we simply can’t. So, how can we do the most good, help our local community prospers, and make sure the most people benefit from our efforts? It must start with a philosophy of community.

Philosophy of Community

We believe in building great long-term relationships that are mutual. Many members of the community understand and enjoy the distinct benefits of spending their dollars with locally owned businesses. They recognize that these businesses support the community tax base, job base, and tend to provide a better quality of experience with the products and services they sell. It’s not very hard to understand why – you know where to find the owner!

Some members of the community, however, send a lot of their dollars out-of-town by shopping online, or at chain discount stores which displace higher-paying small business jobs in the community with minimum-wage jobs. Either way, the profits benefit someone else’s community. How easy is it to ask to donate to your local cause? What about “Best-Mart”? It’s a simple comparison – isn’t it? Why give your money to them when they don’t often give back to you and your community?Why not support your local merchants who, in-turn, do so often contribute to the community? So, we think the best way to build a community is mutually.

What do I do to Give Back to my cause using Bike Cycles?

Any customer who has purchased something from Bike Cycles has the opportunity to ask us to “Give Back.”  We do reserve the right not to accept a request if, in our best judgment, the cause is too controversial, reflects poorly on our business, or does not provide enough local community benefit. While rare, we ask that if we must make this judgment that this be accepted openly with respect to our need to manage our store reputation.

In what form will the support from an accepted “Give Back” request be offered?

We recognize that every fundraising campaign is different and each organization has different needs. If your organization has levels of sponsorship with different promotional benefits, we will want to enjoy as much promotional benefit as possible and will work with you to determine what level we qualify for.

We can offer gift cards, in-kind donations of product, the market value of our services (say, for instance, you are running a bike rodeo event for kids and need mechanical support), and sometimes cash donations as necessary or desired but it is up to our discretion.

How much lead time do I need to give you to consider a “Give Back” request?

We pick four charities per year which our staff reviews and votes on to support.  In order to support your charity or cause we need your request at least three months (90 days) in advance of your anticipated function.  This time frame is important and must be adhered to.  We can not help out if your request is made with short notice.

How do I submit a “Give Back” application?

Fill out the form below and hit submit. We will reply to your request within 7 business days and let you know if your charity or cause was selected for one of our four slots. We will then coordinate a meeting where we will discuss our donation and how it will be used. This meeting is necessary as we also like to get to know our community partners. At that meeting, also be prepared to present the co-promotional opportunities your organization is offering in exchange for our sponsorship or support.

Fill out the form below to request a charitable gift, donation or partnership with Bike Cycles.


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