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Golf carts

Golf Cart or Electric-Assist Bicycle…

A simple cost-benefit analysis on why E-Assist bicycles are more maneuverable and easier to park than a golf cart.

The Case for E-Bikes

Fun comes in multiple forms. For some, fun is strapping on two shoes and running around in circles. For others, it is driving their cars aimlessly for hours on end. But for some of us, fun can be found in riding a bicycle to explore all our environs have to offer. Enter the electric assist bicycle, which has become a mainstay throughout the world. At Bike Cycles we choose to sell the best quality, most reliable electric assist bicycles in the market.  Our brand of choice is Specialized and our favorite e-bike model of theirs that we keep in stock is the Como. This specific bike is very comfortable, very efficient and super fun. As a class 3 e-bike it will take you places you have always wanted to ride your bike and allow you to get there without a sweat. 

Como E-bike

Specialized Como 5.0 with internal hub gearing and belt drive

First of All, There's the Cost

Recently at our local beaches there have been an influx of golf carts. While this method of alternative transportation suits some there are distinct advantages which a class 3 electric assist bicycle has over a golf cart. The main advantage of a bicycle over a golf cart is that you can park a bicycle almost anywhere and ride on a pedestrian/bike trail legally. Here in Wrightsville Beach, golf carts must park in car parking lanes and it is illegal to use one on a multi-use path. The price of a Como starts at around $3800 and a golf cart can cost as much as $20k. Golf carts also use more batteries, hence adding onto to maintenance costs.Factor in the initial costs, battery replacement, and a parking rate of $5 per hour and...well you get the point. Essentially, for the price of one golf cart you can own four electric assist bicycles, minus the hassle of maintenance. 

Safety is Another Issue

Aside from the cost prohibitive aspect of owning a golf cart, there are also safety concerns to consider. Most often we'll see drivers and passengers of golf carts gleefully enjoying the breeze while ignoring the dangers of over exposure to automotive traffic coupled with a false sense of security within the golf cart's confines. Not to mention that a golf cart's responsiveness is less-than-ideal vehicle for taking tight corners at moderate speeds. Riding a bike, on the other hand, tends to make the user more cognizant of his/her vulnerability to external forces. Add an electric assist capability and what you have is a rider who can circumnavigate or avoid hazards altogether. 

The Big Takeaway

Being a bike shop, we are obviously big proponents for all things bicycle related. But we sincerely hope that this short article made a strong case for why you should consider an electric assist bike over a golf cart. Bike are more nimble, have a smaller footprint (read: easier to store), and can take to places you normally would not have thought of visiting.

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