So you want to start commuting by bike, but not sure how to begin...

Alternative Transportation is Mostly Viable Here in Wilmington

As the Cape Fear region continues to grow with its burgeoning retiree population and UNCW student body, commuting by bicycle is gaining traction as a more viable way of running errands and reaching the workplace. In this short article we will dive into how to get started as a bicycle commuter and the different equipment you may consider as you strive to ditch the car as a primary mode of transportation.

As employees of Bike Cycles we all occasionally ride to work in the Mayfaire Community Center. Given this experience, along with that of our giant customer base, we have gained the tips and tricks that we that we can impart onto you to start commuting by bike around our area. 

One of the primary things needed is a comfortable and efficient bicycle. There are many to choose from and they can vary depending on how far or long your commute takes you. One of the favorite bikes used by Bike Cycles Staff is the Specialized Como. This Electric assist bike will go over 30 miles on a charge at up to 28 mph. Essential accessories to get you going include a comfortable helmet, lights, and a lock. Most importantly, a motivation to explore by bike will bring great joy and a host of benefits.

Many of our major employers work closely with the WMPO, the planning body for all the bicycle and pedestrian projects in our area. The WMPO has worked to connect as many of our area neighborhoods as feasibly possible as it also continues to plan for the future. There are two main paths in town that make up an artery for some possible commuting routes. These paths include the Gary Shell Cross City Trail and the River to Sea Route. Check out our Maps page for a consolidated look at our local alternative transportation infrastructure, including bicycles rack locations to plan your commute.

A great way to find your way to/from work is to think about your route as you drive. You can even use Google Maps bicycle routes to help you plan ahead. Many employers also offer safe bike racks to park your bike and some even offer shower and locker facilities. When you are ready to save $ on gas, have a relaxing ride and help stay fit, come see us at Bike Cycles and we will share with you our ideas and tricks that we all use to commute through Wilmington.