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Where to Bike Around Wilmington, NC

Often we have out-of-towners or new residents come into the shop asking how to get around town safely. Though on the surface Wilmington can seem intimidating to aspiring bike riders, it is possible navigate around safely with the proper resources and planning.

We hope this compilation of resources, mainly derived from the New Hanover County GIS Portal and Town of Wrightsville Beach, will guide in planning your recreational activities safely.

Bike Friendly Areas with Bike Parking Racks

Last updated on 2/15/2022

This map includes point data of bicycles racks and a heat map symbolizing rack capacity -  all observed by Bike Cycles staff. The map view is defaulted to the heat map view, however, you can see the exact locations and points of bike racks as you zoom in further. Please note that there may be areas where existing bicycle racks were not observed.

Notice any missing racks? We'd love to hear from you! Simply provide us with the latitude and longitude in decimal degrees (e.g. 35.5555, -72,2222), capacity denoting how many bikes a rack can accommodate, and the type of rack (e.g. bollard, wave, ladder, or Other).

types of bicycle racks

Bike Rack Google Form

From Bike Cycles shop to Wrightsville Beach.

Thanks to our local planning departments, biking from Bike Cycles to Wrightsville Beach couldn't be any easier! The route included in this map takes the rider along bike paths (where available) and backways, intersections, and underpasses for minimal resistance. For inexperienced riders, we recommend dismounting when crossing the draw bridge.

Pro Tip: You can select any feature on this map and export it to your Google Maps app for directions. We've also recorded bike rack locations (entitled Bike Racks) which are located at the bottom of the features list. Simply toggle it on to see which beach access point accommodates bike parking.

Beach access and facility data points shown in the map below are courtesy of the Town of Wrightsville Beach.

Paths & Trails Through New Hanover County