Level One $45 Includes:


1.) Check air in tires, inflate to recommended pressure.

2.) Inspect tires for cuts or worn areas and recommend replacement if necessary.*

3.) Check suspension and linkages, recommend service or replacement if necessary.

4.) Visually inspect frame, fork, seat, handlebars, and stem for cracks and contact customer if found.

5.) Seat height marked and post pulled, wiped down, lubed and re-installed.

6.) Adjust brakes (inspect pads and recommend replacement if beyond wear indicators)*

7.) Adjust shifting (rear derailleur hanger is aligned)

8.) Lube chain if needed.

9.) Wipe down of frame. Crank bolts, stem bolts, seat binder, quick release, wheel nuts all checked for proper tension.

10.) Test ride. 


*Parts and labor for this may be additional*