We specialize in service on all types of bikes!

As professionals in bicycle repair and service (Voted #1 in Sotheast North Carolina) we take pride in the work we perform.  Estimates are given to ensure your bicycle will work as well as it can.  

We repair all makes and models.  Our team of dedicated professional technicians stay informed and constantly train in all cycling disciplines from downhill bikes to tri bikes to the latest gravel and of course our favorite beach cruisers.   We don't just service them, we ride them.

Call us now with any questions, 910-256-2545,  or swing by and we can check out your bike and give you a realistic estimate and get you back out riding as quick as possible.  We stock most parts needed to repair any bicycle and if your bike needs a special part we can order needed parts.

Bought a bike from somewhere else?  Our team of highly trained professional technicians can assemble it properly for you.  We can confirm any quotes given over the phone when we see your bike in the shop.