Professional Bike Fitting

We strive to make your bicycle fit optimally to your body geometry.

At Bike Cycles our certified and professional fitters are here to ensure every ride is a great ride by optimizing your comfort while maximizing your efficiency. In basic terms, professional bike fitting takes your body measurements and motions and matches them to your bike via adjustments in positioning, accessories, and gear. Our fitting services are designed for a broad range of cyclists, from entry level and casual riders to elite and professional riders. For further inquiry, contact Jon Bisnette at [email protected].

Fit Slim 

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Bike Cycles Precision Fit 2.5–3 Hours - $250

Buying a new bike is a major commitment and one most of us will live with for 5-10 years. Fortunately for buyers, there are more great bikes available from a whole host of manufacturers than ever before. Unfortunately for buyers, the surplus of good options can result in otherwise rational people choosing their new bike in one of two irrational ways: an over-reliance on the subjective opinions of “expert reviewers” or an equally subjective parking lot test rides aboard poorly fitting bikes.
We recognize that buying a new bike is a highly personal experience for most riders. Why then shouldn’t the buying experience be personalized? Though we happen to carry some of the industry’s most highly coveted bike brands, we also acknowledge that in the 21st century it’s become difficult to buy a bad bike. The worst thing one can do is buy the wrong bike for their needs. The Bike Cycles Fitting takes the guess work out of helping you find your new bike by combining the objective and data driven protocol of our precision fitting with a personalized buying experience that will end with you test riding and choosing between well-fitting bikes that match your riding style, bio-mechanical needs, and budget.

Rider Interview 

  • Cycling history
  • Injury history on or off the bike
  • Cycling and fitness goals

Advanced Range of Motion and Cycling Specific Strength Assessment 

  • Functional Range of Motion (ROM) and Cycling Specific Functional Strength (CFS) assessments and documentation for comparison to any limitations to analogs on the bike movement patterns
  • Extensive structural assessment of foot / shoe / pedal interface with specific attention paid to foot morphology including: heel to toe length, heel to ball of foot length, arch collapse, subtalar rotation, width and volume for both weighted and un-weighted, and suggestion for off the shelf or custom cycling insoles
  • Provide recommendation for off the bike exercises and stretches and/or referral to outside professionals for cycling specific treatment (when necessary)

Dynamic Bike Fitting Aboard Retül Muve Dynamic Fit Bike (DFU) 

  • Emphasis on using the client's pre-determined ROM and and CFS limitations as the guidelines for finding the most comfortable and efficient position possible
  • Precise, dynamic measurement using Retül 3D Motion Capture and 2D video capture pre-fit, during fit, and post fit.
  • Retül Zinn Scan with rider bike measurements stored by Bike Cycles and available upon request.
  • Recommendations and subsequent adjustments to client's existing bike*
  • Fit summary emailed to Client.
  • 1-hour follow up session and on-going fitter support/consultation within 6 months of original fit date.

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*additional charges may be necessary if adjustments or parts are required.