Bike Maps

Bike Routes & Related Cycling Infrastructure

Feel free to explore our maps which contain a variety of bicycle routes that our staff and clientele enjoy riding, infrastructure, and cycling amenities.


1. Our Favorite Rides (Work In Progress)

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2. Infrastructure

Observed Bike Racks

Plan your bike trip around Wilmington with this handy bike rack data set collected by our own staff. Point data are labeled according to the approximate number of bikes that a given rack can accommodate. The three types of rack categories include wave (A), ladder (B), and bollard (C). Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that the bike racks shown on this map still exist.

Bike Rack Types


Trails & Paths

The trail data included in this map is provided by the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and was last updated on July 28, 2020. Please note that not all trails or paths are shown in this data.