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About Us & Our Products

About Us

Our Philosophy

Bike Cycles was established in 2006 by Shawn and Melanie Spencer.  We developed Bike Cycles as a friendly, conveniently located, curated selection of bicycles and cycling related gear that we stock in our store, have used ourselves and trust. Our service technicians have years of experience and strive to make your bicycle safe, comfortable, and fun. We realize that there are too many bicycles and products available for us to stock them all. We are not going to sell you a bicycle just because it is here in the shop, unless it fits and meets your needs. 

We Provide a Streamlined Bike Shopping Experience

Bike Cycles staff strives to provide a high quality bicycle that fits your needs, budget, and riding style preference. Most importantly, purchasing a bicycle in-person allows us to help you with the fit for your body, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of purchasing a mismatched bike online. If we do not have a certain brand, color, or size in stock (in-store or warehouse), feel free to fill out the bike request form and we'll be in touch.

We focus fit by utilizing RETÜL's technology for quick sizing as well as for premium fit sessions. Although we offer bikes for sale on our web site it is preferred that you visit our shop to find the bike that is suitable for you. Our 30-day bicycle return policy applies to in-store and online purchases.

We look at a bicycle as a life-transforming machine that should be safe, functional, and comfortable.  

Why Bike Cycles? And not some other Big Box Retailer?

Bike Cycles is a small, local business that's been in the business for almost two decades, and we have the expertise to back it. You can trust our passionate staff members to guide you towards a well-informed purchase experience - saving you time while facilitating a n enjoyable cycling experience.

Take it from Our Customers

Before deciding on which bike shop best fits your needs, check out the Reviews page to see what some of our satisfied customers are saying about Bike Cycles.