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Meet the Team


Shawn Spencer

Nickname(s): Bicycleman 

Most Memorable Cycling Experience: Building an adult bicycle with stabilizer wheels for a Veteran who lost both legs and one arm and had prosthetic limbs. He was able to go ripping around the parking lot and came back with a huge smile!

Most Prided Cycling Accomplishment: Opening BIke Cycles after owning part of another shop in town, finishing LaRuta De Conquistadors 2x, as well as Ironman Brazil, Ironman NC, etc.

Motivation to Ride: Bicycles open doors and allow me to stay relatively fit and sane :)   

Professional / Educational Background: Body Geometry Fit Certification, FIST Certification, AAS Manufacturing Engineering, BS Parks and Rec MGMT

Fun Fact: As an ex-ultramarathon runner I have found that cycling is a true lifelong sport that provides exercise and escape.

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Melanie Spencer

Local Real Estate Broker/Realtor

As the key employee since day one, Melanie does more for the shop than can be written here.  


Jon Bisnette

Most Memorable Cycling Experience: Racing in a 200-mile, unbound gravel race formerly called “DirtyKanza200" in Emporia, Kansas.

Most Prided Cycling Accomplishment: Becoming a Certified Retul Fitter.

Motivation to Ride: Riding is a healthy, lifelong endeavor that leaves no impact on the body.

Professional / Educational Background: Attending SBCU at Specialized and reaching the highest level of bike fitting: Certified Retul Fitter.

Fun Fact: I enjoy suffering on the bike.


Rob Velasquez

Rob enjoys riding his bike.



Most Memorable Cycling Experience: When my husband and I were dating, we took a day trip to bike from Fort Fisher to the ferry crossing, then into and around Southport.  We spent the whole day explore the area by bike, stopping at local places for food and drinks.  It was such a fun and creative date idea!

Most Prided Cycling Accomplishment: Continuing to commute by bike throughout my pregnancy and now being able to take my toddler out for rides.

Motivation to Ride: Keeping healthy and making an effort to save gas.

Professional / Educational Background: I don't have any professional cycling background related materials. I was taught most of what I now about bike mechanics from my former employer.  I've enjoyed learning new methods from the other mechanics at our shop.

Fun Fact: My commuter bike is a single speed steel Surly Crosscheck.  I enjoy the simplicity and comfort it allows on the crazy Wilmington roads.

Favorite Motto: Let's taco 'bout it!



Nickname(s): Landmine, Smithley

Most Prided Cycling Accomplishment: Biking the Huracan bikepacking route, 370 miles over 4 days.

Motivation to Ride: I'm motivated by expensive beach parking and maintaining physical fortitude. 

Professional / Educational Background: B.S. in Environmental Science at UNCW

Fun Fact: I went to a military boarding school in high school.

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