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The New Globe Collection

Specialized E-Bikes In Stock

Get More Into It

The Haul Family of electric bikes were built with you in mind every step of the way. Whether you’re a beach bum or a nurse, a climber or a creative director, even a big family with a golden retriever - the Haul is for you. With a total carrying capacity of up to 441 lbs (LT with rider included), big power, and up to 60 miles in range, this fully customizable electric bike will get you wherever you need to go with whatever you can dream up. 

Meet The Haul Family


The first child in the Globe electric Family, Specialized put the Haul ST through the ringer until they were satisfied that every kink was worked out. They built customizable t-rails for connecting all of your gear, front and back pannier mounts for whatever you need, pegs and seats for carrying passengers, and a whole host of unique interchangeable parts so you can build your Haul ST how you need it. The result is a best in class electric cargo bike with a carrying capacity of 419 lbs (including rider), up to 60 mile range and big power that won the Bike of the Year from Bicycling Magazine.


The Haul ST’s big sibling. All the benefits of the ST with an extend-o back end (surprise, surprise). The Haul LT - Long Tail, comes with all the same features as the ST but with increased carrying capacity, 44l lbs, and a rear rack twice the size. This means double MIK adapters, room for 6 panniers, and up to 3 passengers. New accessories including adjustable cargo rails, full length running boards, and doublewide cargo bags help you with the most involved errands you can dream up. The Haul LT is the ultimate work horse for someone who knows exactly what they want. 

What Makes Globe, Globe?

The Globe Haul collection was built upon five pillars that Specialized believes will make everyone’s lives a little better. After all, who couldn’t benefit from a little wind in the hair, a little sun in the face, and a lot less time in the car?

  2. 700 W HUB MOTOR
  3. 20X3.5 TIRES

Bikes Are Fun

Bikes are fun. That’s a given, but the Globe is real fun. A hill isn’t a chore, it’s just a nice view. Loaded up with groceries or kids, with all that power and torque, getting started is as easy as heading to the corner store for a popsicle. Even the 20" wheels are the same size as that BMX bike you cruised around the neighborhood as a kid; it’ll give you that same feeling, with a more plush ride on high volume Careless Whisper tires.

Bikes Are Useful

For whatever, whenever, however you do it. Out of the box the Haul can take you wherever you’re going, and with the extensive line of Specialized proprietary Globe electric bike accessories, with whatever you need. It’s a school bus, a truck, a grocery getter, and a friend. You won’t find an electric bike more capable than a Haul.

Bikes Are Iconic 

Globe bikes are built to stand the test of time. Specialized backs every Globe frame with a lifetime warranty and a 2 year e-system warranty. The simplicity of the bike components give you a blank canvas to make the Globe yours. Specialized created a whole host of Globe accessories compatible with numerous mounting opportunities. Your Globe is you, and you are iconic.

Bikes Are Friendly

The Globe Haul is user-friendly and ready to rock right away with the MIK compatible gear rack, full coverage fenders and center stand. The 1500 lumen integrated front light with seven modes plus the 50 lumen rear light will make you visible day or night, and light up dark country roads. The small wheels help keep your center of gravity 20% lower than a traditional electric bike and make it easy to ride. Add the Globe Throttle (sold separately) and accelerate up to 20 mph in a flash, no pedaling required.

Bikes Are Simple

It’s simple because one size fits riders from 4'5" to 6'4". It’s simple because it’s easier to ride than other cargo carriers. It’s simple so you can customize it to make it as unique as your life demands.  


Range will vary with average speed, cargo load, rider weight, riding style, terrain, and so much more. With 5 pedal-assist levels and an optional aftermarket throttle, riders can tune their ride to be more efficient and increase range, or go full tilt all day to maximize smiles over miles. As you adjust the support level on your display, the estimated range (RNG) will change to match it, and these estimates are based on real-world testing. Specialized reports that riders regularly meet or exceed our 60 mi max range estimates, but they also find most riders prefer to go faster and carry more, getting closer to 35 mi per charge.
Pro Tip: the Globe phone app has a more precise charge indicator for peace of mind.

You sure can! Most brands will require an axle adaptor to fit our 12mm rear axle, and we recommend following the trailer manufacturer’s guidance on max loads and speeds.

A list of tested, hitch-mounted bike racks are available on Specialized has found multiple standard bike racks that work for the LT or ST from brands like 1up, Swagman, Hollywood, and others. Motorcycle hitch racks, pick up truck beds, and large SUV trunks are also good options.

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